Tomato CT fruit development transgenic penium s. habrochaites 3D image of <em>Solanum lycopersicum</em> (cultivated tomato) fruit cuticle Tomato Expression Atlas Tomato Expression Atlas Petiole Trichomes S. pennellii GUS expression gfp transgenic penium pericarp ripening cuticle tomato fruit transgenic penium Trichome SEM Tomato fruit on stem 3D cuticle

Researchers in the Rose lab study the formation, function, and evolution of plant structural polymers, as well as associated extracellular processes. We use a broad range of approaches, technologies and experimental systems, from algae to tomato fruit, to investigate how cell wall polysaccharides, hydrophobic cuticles (plant ‘skins’) and secreted proteins and metabolites influence plant development and environmental responses.

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Click below to find out more about research in the Rose lab. Current projects include a multi-group investigation into cell- and tissue-type specific gene expression and molecular processes in tomato fruit.


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