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A signaling cascade mediating fruit trait development via phosphorylation-modulated nuclear accumulation of JAZ repressor
Wang, W., Ouyang, J., Li, Y., Zhai, C., He, B., Si, H., Chen, K., Rose, J.K.C. and Jia, W.
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, doi: 10.1111/jipb.13654. 2024


Cannabinoids function in defense against chewing herbivores in Cannabis sativa L.
Stack, G.M., Snyder, S.I., Toth, J.A., Quade, M.A., Crawford, J.L., McKay, J.K., Jackowetz, J.N., Wang, P., Philippe, G., Hansen, J.L., Moore, V.M., Rose, J.K.C. and Smart, L.B.
Horticultural Research, 10 (11), doi: 10.1093/hr/uhad207. 2023

Expansin SlExp1 and endoglucanase SlCel2 synergistically promote fruit softening and cell wall disassembly in tomato
Su, G., Lin, Y., Wang, C., Lu, J., Liu, Z., He, Z., Shu, X., Chen, W., Wu, R., Li, B., Zhu, C., Rose, J.K.C., Grierson, D., Giovannoni, J.J., Shi, Y. and Chen, K.
The Plant Cell, 36 (3): 709-726. 2023

Cuscuta campestris fine-tunes gene expression during haustoriogenesis as an adaptation to different hosts
Bawin, T., Didriksen, A., Faehn. C., Olsen, S., Sørensen, I., Rose, J.K.C. and Krause, K.
Plant Physiology, 194 (1): 258-273. 2023

Correlations among morphological and biochemical traits in high-cannabidiol hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)
Stack, G.M., Carlson, C.H., Toth, J.A., Philippe, G., Crawford, J.L., Hansen, J.L., Viands, D.R., Rose, J.K.C., Smart, L.B.
Plant Direct, 7 (6): e503. 2023

Abscisic acid mediated strawberry receptacle ripening involves the interplay of multiple phytohormone signaling networks
Li, B.-A., Shi, Y.-N., Jia, H.-R., Yang, X.-F., Sun, Y.-F., Lu, J., Giovannoni, J.J., Jiang, G.-H., Rose, J.K.C. and Chen, K.-S.
Frontiers in Plant Science, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2023.1117156. 2023


Tomato molecular biology – special collection of papers for molecular horticulture
Seymour, G.B. and Rose, J.K.C.
Molecular Horticulture, 2: 21, doi: 10.1186/s43897-022-00042-z. 2022

Spatiotemporal dynamics of the tomato fruit transcriptome under prolonged water stress
Nicolas, P., Shinozaki, Y., Powell, A., Philippe, G., Snyder, S., Bao, K., Zheng, Y., Xu, Y., Courtney, L., Vrebalov, J., Casteel, C., Mueller, L., Fei, Z., Giovannoni, J.J., Rose, J.K.C., and Catalá, C.
Plant Physiology, 190 (4): 2557–2578. 2022

Trafficking Processes and Secretion Pathways Underlying the Formation of Plant Cuticles
Philippe, G., De Bellis, D. Rose, J.K.C. and Nawrath, C.
Frontiers in Plant Science, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2021.786874. 2022


A tomato LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES transcription factor, SlLOB1, predominantly regulates cell wall and softening components of ripening
Shi, Y., Vrebalov, J., Zheng, H., Xu, Y., Liu, W., Liu, Z., Sorensen, I., Su, G., Ma, Q., Evanich, D., Rose, J.K.C., Fei, Z., Van Eck, J., Thannhauser, T., Chen, K. and Giovannoni, J.J.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 118 (33) e2102486118. 2021

Morphometric relationships and their contribution to biomass and cannabinoid yield in hybrids of hemp (Cannabis sativa)
Carlson, C.H., Stack, G.A., Jiang, Y., Taşkıran, B., Cala, A.R., Toth, J.A., Philippe, G., Rose, J.K.C., Smart, C.D. and Smart, L.B.
Journal of Experimental Botany, 72 (22): 7694-7709. 2021

Limited effect of environmental stress on cannabinoid profiles in high-cannabidiol hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)
Toth, J.A., Smart, L.B., Smart, C.D., Stack, G.M., Carlson, C.H., Philippe, G. and Rose, J.K.C.
GCB Bioenergy, 13 (10): 1666-1674. 2021

Apple ripening is controlled by a NAC transcription factor
Migicovsky, Z. Yeats, T.H., Watts, S., Song, J., Forney, C.F., Burgher-MacLellan, K., Somers, D.J., Gong, Y., Zhang, Z., Vrebalov, J., van Velzen, R., Giovannoni, J.G., Rose, J.K.C., and Myles, S.
Frontiers in Genetics, doi: 10.3389/fgene.2021.671300. 2021

The WRKY transcription factor AaGSW2 promotes glandular trichome initiation in Artemisia annua
Xie, L., Yan, T., Li, L., Chen, M., Ma, Y., Hao, X., Fu, X., Shen, Q., Huang, Y., Qin, W., Liu, H., Chen, T., Hassani, D., Kayani, S.-L., Rose, J.K.C., and Tang, K.
Journal of Experimental Botany, 72 (5): 1691-1701 . 2021

Function of the HYDROXYCINNAMOYL-CoA:SHIKIMATE HYDROXYCINNAMOYL TRANSFERASE is evolutionarily conserved in embryophytes
Kriegshauser, L., Knosp, S., Grienenberger, E., Tatsumi, K., Gütle, D.D., Sørensen, I., Herrgott, L., Zumsteg, J., Rose, J.K.C., Reski, R., Werck-Reichhart, D., and Renault, H.
The Plant Cell, 33 (5): 1472-1491. 2021

Season-long characterization of high‐cannabinoid hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) reveals variation in cannabinoid accumulation, flowering time, and disease resistance
Stack, G.M., Tosh, J.A., Carlson, C.H., Cala, A.R., Marrero-González, M.I., Wilk, R.L., Gentner, D.R., Crawford, J.L., Philippe, G., Rose, J.K.C., Viands, D.R., Smart, C.D., and Smart L.B.
GCB Bioenergy, 13 (4): 546-561. 2021

Combined signal sequence trap and macroarray analysis identifies genes associated with differential fruit softening characteristics during ripening in European and Chinese pears
Mwaniki, M.W., Mitalo, O.W., Mworia, E.G., Owino, W.O., Hiwasa-Tanase, K., Rose, J.K.C., Aoki, K., Esumi, T., Kawai, T., Nakano, R., Ushijima, K., and Kubo, Y.
Postharvest Biology and Technology, 174: 111436. 2021


The Penium margaritaceum genome: hallmarks of the origins of land plants
Jiao, C., Sørensen, I., Sun, X., Sun, H., Behar, H., Alseekh, S., Philippe, G., Lopez, K.P., Sun, L., Reed, R., Jeon, S., Kiyonami, R., Zhang, S., Fernie, A.R., Brumer, H., Domozych, D.S., Fei, Z., and Rose, J.K.C.
Cell, 181 (5): 1097-1111.e12. 2020

Transpiration from tomato fruit occurs primarily via trichome-associated transcuticular polar pores
Fich, E.A., Fisher, J., Zamir, D., and Rose, J.K.C.
Plant Physiology, 184 (4): 1840-1852. 2020

Plant Physiology May 2014 Cover Callose deposition is essential for the completion of cytokinesis in the unicellular alga Penium margaritaceum
Davis, D.J., Wang, M., Sørensen, I., Rose, J.K.C., Domozych, D.S., and Drakakaki, G.
Journal of Cell Science 133 (19): jcs249599. 2020

Comparative genomics of muskmelon reveals a potential role for retrotransposons in the modification of gene expression
Yano, R., Ariizumi, T. Nonaka,S. Kawazu, Y., Zhong, S., Mueller, L., Giovannoni, J.J., Rose, J.K.C., and Ezura, H.
Communications Biology, 3: 432. 2020

The tomato guanylate-binding protein SlGBP1 enables fruit tissue differentiation by maintaining endopolyploid cells in a non-proliferative state
Musseau, C., Jorly, J., Gadin, S., Sørensen, I., Deborde, C. Bernillon, S., Mauxion, J.-P., Atienza, I., Moing, A., Lemaire-Chamley, M., Rose, J.K.C., Chevalier, C., Rothan, C., Fernandez-Lochu, L., and Gévaudant, F.
The Plant Cell, 33 (10): 3188-3205. 2020

Experimental manipulation of pectin architecture in the cell wall of the unicellular charophyte, Penium margaritaceum
Palacio-Lopez, K., Sun, L., Reed, R., Kang, E., Sørensen, I., Rose, J.K.C. and Domozych, D.S.
Frontiers in Plant Science, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.01032. 2020

Manipulation of β‐carotene levels in tomato fruits results in increased ABA content and extended shelf life
Diretto, G., Frusciante, S., Fabbri, C., Schauer, N., Busta, L., Wang, Z., Matas, A.J., Fiore, A., Rose, J.K.C., Fernie, A.R., Jetter, R., Mattei, B., Giovannoni, J., and Giulano, G.
Plant Biochemistry Journal 18 (5): 1185-1199. 2020

Parallel transcriptional regulation of artemisinin and flavonoid biosynthesis
Hassani, D., Fu, X., Shen, Q., Khalid, M., Rose, J.K.C., Tang, K.
Trends in Plant Science 25 (5): 366-476. 2020

Cutin and suberin: assembly and origins of specialized lipidic cell wall scaffolds
Philippe, G., Sørensen, I., Jiao, C., Sun, X., Fei, Z., Domozych, D.S., and Rose, J.K.C.
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 55: 11-20. 2020

Endomembrane architecture and dynamics during secretion of the extracellular matrix of the unicellular charophyte, Penium margaritaceum
Domozych, D.S., Sun, L., Palacio-Lopez, K., Reed, R., Jeon, S., Li, M., Jiao, C., Sørensen, I., Fei, Z., and Rose, J.K.C.
Journal of Experimental Botany, eraa039 doi: 10.1093/jxb/eraa039. 2020

Development and validation of genetic markers for sex and cannabinoid chemotype in Cannabis sativa L.
Toth, J.A., Stack, G.M., Cala, A.R., Carlson, C.H., Wilk, R.L., Crawford, J.L., Viands, D.R., Philippe, G., Smart, C.D., Rose, J.K.C., and Smart, L.B.
GCB Bioenergy 12 (3): 213-222. 2020

Genetic and metabolic effects of ripening mutations and vine detachment on tomato fruit quality
Osorio, S., Carneiro, R.T., Lytovchenko, A., McQuinn, R., Sørensen, I., Vallarino, J.G., Giovannoni, J.J., Fernie, A.R., and Rose, J.K.C.
Plant Biotechnology Journal 18 (1): 106-118. 2020


Synthesis and oligomerization of 10,16-dihydroxyhexadecanoyl esters with different head-groups for the study of CUS1 selectivity
San Segundo, I.M., Scavée, G.M.L., Pedersen, S.B.R., Segerson, N., Rose, J.K.C., and Clausen, M.H.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 33: 5704-5708. 2019

Biochemical and physiological flexibility accompanies reduced cellulose biosynthesis in Brachypodium cesa1S830N
Brabham, C., Singh, A., Stork, J., Rong, Y., Kumar, I., Kikuchi, K., Yingling, Y.G., Brutnell, T.P., Rose, J.K.C., and DeBolt, S.
AoB Plants 11 (5): plz041; doi: 10.1093/aobpla/plz041. 2019

A relationship between tomato fruit softening, cuticle properties and water availability
Romero, P., and Rose, J.K.C.
Food Chemistry 295: 300-301. 2019

Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase 6 controls filamentous pathogen interactions and cell wall properties of the tomato and Nicotiana benthamiana leaf epidermis
Fawke, S., Torode, T.A., Gogleva, A., Fich, E.A., Sørensen, I., Yunusov, T., Rose, J.K.C., and Schornack, S.
New Phytologist 223(3): 1547-1559. 2019


High-resolution spatiotemporal transcriptome mapping of tomato fruit development and ripening
Shinozaki, Y., Nichols, P., Fernandez-Pozo, N., Ma, Q., Evanich, D.J., Shi, Y., Xu, Y., Zheng, Y., Snyder, S.I., Martin, L.B.B., Ruiz-May, E., Thannhauser, T.W., Chen, K., Domozych, D.S., Catalá, C., Fei, Z., Mueller, L., Giovannoni, J.J. and Rose, J.K.C.
Nature Communications 9: 364. 2018

The genome of Artemisia annua provides insight into the evolution of Asteraceae family and artemisinin biosynthesis
Shen, Q., Zhang, L., Liao, Z., Wang, S., Yan, T., Shi, P., Liu, M., Fu, X., Pan, Q., Wang, Y., Lv, Z., Lu, X., Zhang, F., Jiang, W, Ma, Y., Chen, M., Hao, X., Li, L., Tang, Y., Lv., G., Zhou, Y., Sun, X., Brodelius, P.E., Rose J.K.C., and Tang K.
Molecular Plant 11 (6): 776-778. 2018

The secretome and N-glycosylation profiles of the charophycean green alga, Penium margaritaceum, resemble those of embryophytes
Ruiz-May, E., Sørensen, I., Fei, Z., Zhang, S., Domozych, D.S. and Rose, J.K.C.
Proteomes 6 (2): 14. 2018

Fruit softening: revisiting the role of pectin
Wang, D., Yeats, T.H., Uluisik, S., Rose, J.K.C. and Seymour, G.B.
Trends in Plant Science 23 (4): 302-310. 2018

Natural variation underlies differences in ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR 17 activity in fruit peel degreening
Han, Z., Hu, Y., Lv, Y., Rose, J.K.C., Sun, Y., Shen, F., Wang, Y., Zhang, X., Xu, X., Wu, T. and Han, Z.
Plant Physiology 176: 2292-2304. 2018

Identification of tomato introgression lines with enhanced susceptibility or resistance to infection by parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa)
Krause, K., Johnsen, H.R., Pielach, A., Lund, L., Fischer, K., and Rose, J.K.C.
Physiologia Plantarum 162 (2): 205-218. 2018

Isolation and manipulation of protoplasts from the unicellular green alga Penium margaritaceum.
Raimundo, S.C., Sørensen, I., Tinaz, B., Ritter, E., Rose, J.K.C., and Domozych, D.S.
Plant Methods 14: 18. 2018


A phenol-enriched cuticle is ancestral to lignin evolution in land plants
Renault, H., Alber, A., Horst, N.A., Lopes, A.B., Fich, E.A., Kriegshauser, L., Wiedemann, G., Ullmann, P., Herrgott, L., Erhardt, M., Pineau, E., Ehlting, J., Schmitt, M., Rose, J.K.C., Reski, R., and Werck-Reichhart, D.
Nature Communications 8: 14713. 2017

The Tomato Expression Atlas
Frenandez-Pozo, N., Zheng, Y., Snyder, S.I., Nicolas, P., Shinozaki, Y., Fei, Z., Catalá, C., Giovannoni, J.J., Rose, J.K.C., and Mueller, L.A.
Bioinformatics 33 (15): 2397-2398. 2017

Cuticle biosynthesis in tomato leaves is developmentally regulated by abscisic acid
Martin, L.B.B., Romero, P., Fich, E.A., Domozych, D.S., and Rose, J.K.C.
Plant Physiology 174 (3): 1384-1398. 2017

Postharvest changes in LIN5-down-regulated plants suggests a role for sugar deficiency in cuticle metabolism during ripening
Vallarino, J.G., Yeats, T.H., Maximova, E., Rose, J.K.C., Fernie, A.R. and Osorio, S.
Phytochemistry 142: 11-20. 2017

Transcriptome Analysis of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Fruit Epidermal Peel to Identify Putative Cuticle-Associated Genes
Tafolla-Arellano, J.C., Zheng, Y., Sun, H., Jiao, C., Ruiz-May, E., Hernández-Oñate, M.A., González-León, A., Báez-Sañudo, R., Fei, Z., Domozych, D., Rose, J.K.C., and Tiznado-Hernández, M.E.
Scientific Reports 7: 46163. 2017

CUTIN SYNTHASE2 maintains progressively developing cuticular ridges in Arabidopsis sepals
Hong, L., Brown, J., Segerson, N., Rose, J.K.C., and Roeder, A.
Molecular Plant 10 (4): 560-574. 2017

TATA box insertion provides a selection mechanism for underpinning adaptations to Fe deficiency
Zhang, M., Lv, Y., Wang, Y., Rose, J.K.C., Shen, F., Han, Z., Zhang, X., Xu, X., Wu, T., and Han, Z.
Plant Physiology 173 (1): 715-727. 2017


Laser microdissection of tomato fruit cell and tissue types for transcriptome profiling
Martin, L.B.B., Nicolas, P., Matas, A.J., Shinozaki, Y., Catalá, C., and Rose, J.K.C.
Nature Protocols 11 (12): 2376-2388. 2016

Genetic improvement of tomato by targeted control of fruit softening
Uluisik, S., Chapman, N.H., Smith, R., Poole, M., Adams, G., Gillis, R.B., Besong, T.M.D., Sheldon, J., Stiegelmeyer, S., Perez, L., Samsulrizal, N., Wang, D., Fisk, I.D., Yang, N., Baxter, C., Rickett, D., Fray, R., Blanco-Ulate, B., Powell, A.L.T., Harding, S.E., Craigon, J., Rose, J.K.C., Fich, E.A., Sun, L., Domozych, D.S., Fraser, P.D., Tucker, G.A., Grierson, D., and Seymour, G.B.
Nature Biotechnology 34: 950-952. 2016

The glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase GPAT6 from tomato plays a central role in fruit cutin biosynthesis
Petit, J. Bres, C., Mauxion, J.-P., Tai, F.W.J., Martin, L.B.B., Fich, E.A., Joubès, J., Rose, J.K.C., Domergue, F., and Rothan, C.
Plant Physiology 171 (2): 894-913. 2016

The Plant Polyester Cutin: Biosynthesis, Structure, and Biological Roles
Fich, E.A., Segerson, N.A., and Rose, J.K.C.
Annual Review of Plant Biology 67: 207-233. 2016

Application of wide selected-ion monitoring (WiSIM)-data independent acquisition (DIA) to identify tomato fruit proteins regulated by the CUTIN DEFICIENT2 transcription factor
Martin, L.B.B., Sherwood, R.W., Nicklay, J.J., Yang, Y., Muratore-Schroeder, T.L., Anderson, E.T., Thannhauser, T.W, Rose, J.K.C., and Zhang, S.
Proteomics 16: 2081-2094. 2016

Orthology analysis and in vivo complementation studies to elucidate the role of DIR1 during Systemic Acquired Resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana and Cucumis sativus
Isaacs, M., Carella, P., Faubert, J. Rose, J.K.C. and Cameron, R.K.
Frontiers in Plant Science 7: 566. 2016

Solid-state 13C NMR delineates the architectural design of biopolyesters in native and genetically altered tomato fruit cuticles
Chatterjee, S., Matas, A.J., Isaacson, T., Kehlet, C., Rose, J.K.C. and Stark, R.E.
Biomacromolecules 17 (1): 215-224. 2016

Analysis of the tomato leaf transcriptome during successive hemibiotrophic stages of a compatible interaction with the oomycete Pathogen Phytophthora infestans
Zuluaga, A.P., Vega-Arreguín, J.C., Fei, Z., Matas, A.J., Patev, S., Fry, W.E. and Rose, J.K.C.
Molecular Plant Pathology 17 (1): 42-54. 2016

Transcriptional dynamics of Phytophthora infestans during sequential stages of hemibiotrophic infection of tomato
Zuluaga, A.P., Vega-Arreguín, J.C., Fei, Z., Ponnala, L., Lee, S.J., Matas, A.J., Patev, S., Fry, W.E. and Rose, J.K.C.
Molecular Plant Pathology 17 (1): 29-41. 2016


Ethylene suppresses tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit set through modification of gibberellin metabolism
Shinozaki, Y., Hao, S., Kojima, M., Sakakibara, H., Ozeki-Iida, Y., Zheng, Y., Fei, Z., Zhong, S., Giovannoni, J.J., Rose, J.K.C., Okabe, Y., Heta, Y., Ezura, H. and Ariizumi, T.
The Plant Journal 83 (2): 237-251. 2015

Dissecting the molecular signatures of apical cell-type shoot meristems from two ancient land plant lineages
Frank, M.H., Edwards, M., Schultz, E.R., Mckain, M., Fei, Z., Sørensen, I., Rose, J.K.C. and Scanlon, M.J.
New Phytologist 207(3): 893-904. 2015

Cell wall composition profiling of parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa) and its hosts: a priori differences and induced changes
Johnsen. H.R., Striberny, B., Olsen, S., Vidal-Melgosa, S., Fangel, J.U., Willats, W.G.T., Rose, J.K.C. and Krause, K.
New Phytologist 207 (3): 805-816. 2015


The genome of the stress-tolerant wild tomato species Solanum pennellii
Bolger, A., Scossa, F., Bolger, M.E., Lanz, C., Maumus, F., Tohge, T., Quesneville, H., Alseekh, S., Sørensen, I., Lichenstein, G., Fich, E.A., Conte, M., Keller, H., Schneeberger, K., Schwacke, R., Ofner, I., Vrebalov, J., Xu, Y., Osorio, S., Aflitos, S.A., Schijlen, E., Jiménez-Goméz, J.M., Ryngajllo, M., Kimura, S., Kumar, R., Koenig, D., Headland, L.R., Maloof, J.N., Sinha, N., van Ham, R.C.H.J., Lankhorst, R.K., Mao, L., Vogel, A., Arsova, B., Panstruga, R., Fei, Z., Rose, J.K.C., Zamir, D., Carrari, F., Giovannoni, J.J., Weigel, D., Usadel, B. and Fernie, A.R.
Nature Genetics 46: 1034-1038. 2014

There’s more than one way to skin a fruit: formation and functions of fruit cuticles
Martin, L.B.B., and Rose, J.K.C.
Journal of Experimental Botany 65(16): 4639-4651. 2014

Plant Physiology May 2014 Cover Pectin metabolism and assembly in the cell wall of the Charophyte green alga Penium margaritaceum
Domozych, D.S., Sørensen, I., Popper, Z.A., Ochs, J., Adreas, A., Fangel, J., Pielach, A., Sacks, C., Brechka, H., Ruisi-Besares, P., Willats, W.G.T. and Rose, J.K.C.
Plant Physiology 165(1): 105-118. 2014

Mining secreted proteins that function in pepper fruit development and ripening using a yeast secretion trap (YST)
Lee, J.M., Lee, S.-J., Rose, J.K.C., Yeam, I., and Kim, B.-D.
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 446(4): 882-888. 2014

Genome sequence of the hot pepper provides insights into the evolution of pungency in Capsicum species.
Kim, S., Park, M., Yeom, S.-I., Kim, Y.-M., Lee, J.M., Lee, H.-A., Seo, E., Choi, J., Cheong, K., Kim, K.-T., Jung, K., Lee, G.-W., Oh, S.-K., Bae, C., Kim, S.-B., Lee, H.-Y., Kim, S.-Y., Kim, M.-S., Kang, B.-C., Jo, Y.D., Yang, H.B., Jeong, H.-J., Kang, W.-H., Kwon, J.-K., Shin, C., Lim, J.Y, Park, J.H., Huh, J.H., Kim, J.-S., Kim, B.-D., Cohen, O., Paran, I., Suh, M.C., Lee, S.B., Kim, Y.-K., Shin, Y., Noh, S.J., Park., J., Seo, Y.S., Kwon, S.-Y., Kim, H.A., Park, J.M., Kim, H.-J., Choi, S.-B., Bosland, P.W., Reeves, G., Jo, S.-H., Lee, B.-W., Cho, H.-T., Choi, H.-S., Lee, M.-S., Yu, Y., Choi, Y.D., Park, B.-S., van Deynze, A., Ashrafi, H., Hill, T., Kim, W.T., Pai, H.-S., Ahn, H.K., Yeam, I., Giovannoni, J.J., Rose, J.K.C., Sørensen, I., Lee, S.-J., Kim, R.W., Choi, I.-K., Choi, B.-S., Lim, J.-S., Lee, Y.-H. and Choi, D.
Nature Genetics 46: 270-278. 2014

N-Glycoprotein Enrichment by Lectin Affinity Chromatography.
Ruiz-May, E., Catalá, C. and Rose, J.K.C.
Plant Proteomics Methods in Molecular Biology 1072: 633-643. 2014

The postharvest tomato fruit quality of long shelf-Life Mediterranean landraces is substantially influenced by irrigation regimes.
Conesa, M.A., Galmés, J., Ochogavía, J.M., March, J., Jaume, J., Martorell, A., Frances, D.M., Medrano, H., Rose, J.K.C. and Cifre, J.
Postharvest Biology and Technology 93: 114-121. 2014

The Plant Journal March 2014 Cover

Tomato cutin deficient 1 (CD1) and putative orthologs comprise an ancient family of cutin synthase-like (CUS) proteins that are conserved among land plants.
Yeats, T.H., Huang, W., Chatterjee, S., Viart, H. M.-F., Clausen, M.H., Stark, R.E. and Rose, J.K.C.
The Plant Journal 75 (5): 667-675. 2014

A comparative study of lectin affinity based plant N-glycoproteome profiling using tomato fruit as a model.
Ruiz-May, E., Hucko, S., Howe, K.J., Zhang, S., Sherwood, R.W., Thannhauser, T.W. and Rose, J.K.C.
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 13: 566-579. 2014

The Plant Journal February 2014 Cover

Stable transformation and reverse genetic analysis of Penium margaritaceum: A platform for studies of charophyte green algae, the immediate ancestors of land plants.
Sørensen, I., Fei, Z., Andreas, A., Willats, W.G.T., Domozych, D.S. and Rose, J.K.C.
The Plant Journal 77 (3): 339-351. 2014

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Disruption of the microtubule network alters cellulose deposition and causes major changes in pectin distribution in the cell wall of the green alga, Penium margaritaceum.
Domozych, D.S., Sørensen, I., Sacks, C., Brechka, H., Andreas, A., Fangel, J.U., Rose, J.K.C., Willats, W.G.T. and Popper, Z.A.
Journal of Experimental Botany 65 (2): 465-479. 2014


Plant Cell october 2009 coverAn ATP binding cassette transporter is required for cuticular wax deposition and desiccation tolerance in the moss Physcomitrella patens.
Buda, G.J., Barnes, W.J., Fich, E.A., Park, S., Yeats, T.H., Zhao, L., Domozych, D.S. and Rose, J.K.C.
The Plant Cell 25: 4000-4013. 2013

Journal of Experimental Biology January 2013 CoverThe formation and function of plant cuticles.
Yeats, T.H. and Rose, J.K.C.
Plant Physiology 161 (1): 5-20. 2013

Progress towards the tomato fruit cell wall proteome.
Ruiz-May, E. and Rose, J.K.C.
Frontiers in Plant Science 4:159. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2013.00159. 2013

Regulation of ripening and opportunities for control in tomato and other fruits.
Seymour, G.B., Chapman, N., Chew, B.L. and Rose, J.K.C.
Plant Biotechnology 11 (3): 269-278. 2013

Catalyzing plant science research with RNA-seq.
Martin, L.B.B., Fei, Z., Giovannoni, J.J. and Rose, J.K.C.
Frontiers in Plant Science 4: 66. 2013

Journal of Experimental Biology January 2013 Cover

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Reductant for glutamate synthase is generated by the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in non-photosynthetic root plastids.
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